Open for Season 2017!

Already June, and the project list is lengthy.  So far this summer the renovations, and maintenance began early in May.  Painting, Painting, Painting….Pressure Washing, Patio setup, Pergola, Petunias, Perennials, Planting, Pruning, Preening.


We have updated the pergola in the front lawn, now showing off “lady” and her new dress.

Soon a new roof will be going on, and the dramatic changes will be appearing.

Reservations, are definitely picking up – we have 9 weddings booked for families this summer and the bride and grooms have been coming for engagement photos, and checking the progress.

Many bikers from the Sparta Elroy trail have been enjoying a nice evening on the porch after spending the day on the bike trails.

The Kickapoo River has been bringing back guests to stay as well as the kayaking season has opened up!   Exciting to see the draw of people to the Driftless Area.

Patio is now open for guests to enjoy.  Our lovely Amore Toad is back singing every night, the guests think that I have a recording in the back yard – but nope it is Amore, singing his love song for all to hear.

The orioles, and robins, and hummingbirds have all arrived, and have been working on the nesting, and raising of little ones.

Please stop on by and say Hi…We have missed you!

Fresh Splash of Color

Dan and I are enjoying getting the yard completed with a fresh splash of color.   Going to the greenhouses in the Amish country is like a Crayola adventure.  Their plants are so beautiful and fresh, as well as huge!  and the pocketbook doesn’t get drained.  I love visiting Kaufmanns on Irish Ridge Road, The Trails End (Amish Walmart) and the Bulk Food Store!   Hope you get a chance to visit us!   We’ll provide a map for you to get to savor some of the flavors of the land!

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the World!

Bring on the Sunshine!

Its sometimes hard to find the joy in the midst of the storm, but have the fun of this journey is trying to enjoy getting through the minutia and mundaneness.   The past week we had 4 inches back home and 2 inches here.  The grass is so green and beautiful, just too wet to cut it!   We are prepping for the month of May coming with lots of activities in the house again.  I can’t wait for friends and family to come visit!  Board games, scrabble, card games and lots of laughter!  I’m excited!  Anyone for a game of checkers?

Spring has arrived!

Ohio Buckeye Trees, the Spanish Moss, Daffodils, Cora Bells, Clematis, are now starting their beautiful greenery.  Its almost as the Spring Fairies have arrived in the gardens.  The White Squirrel has not been seen for a month or so, but I’m hoping that She will come back to visit us again this year.   We hope you are making plans to come visit this year!

See you soon!