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History of Ages Past Country Inn Bed and Breakfast:

Dan and Deb SMithThe home was built by the Cremer Family from Cashton, WI IN 1898.  The Cremer family sold the home to the Catholic diocese where it was used as a Catholic Rectory for many years.  History has it that there were over 18 different priests that resided in this home over the years.  Many prayers and hours of solitude were spent in the rooms of this old home.

In 1996, Carl and Barb Bargabos purchased the home.  While Carl  was on “tour” with the United States Army in Saudi Arabia, Barbara took on the complete restoration of their new home and turned into a Bed and Breakfast.  While Carl was working for Uncle Sam, Barbara came stateside and used her time away from her husband to restore the Catholic Rectory back to its natural beauty and glory.  As Barb states, she gave the old girl a brand new dress and dolled her up with furniture that she had collected from all over the world.  Germany, Paris and Saudi Arabia and much more.  The home isadorned with the same beautiful pieces that she collected.

As of the beginning of this year, Dan and Deb Smith purchased Ages Past from Carl and Barb.  Dan is a “northsider”from La Crosse and Deb is from northern Minnesota.  Deb came to La Crosse to work on the Island Girl Cruises as a Master Captain of the 100 foot yacht, with intentions to stay on the water, but Dan’s sweet charm melted her heart, and the two of them started their life together as husband and wife in 2010.   Dan’s stories will always bring a laugh and more, and Deb’s wonderful hospitality and cooking, will bring a warm peaceful feeling and a fully satisfied appetite.  If you go home hungry, it will definitely be your own fault.   The Smith’s  welcome you to their home and hospitality at Ages Past Bed and Breakfast Country House and invite you to enjoy the magic.

Dan and Deb Smith – Innkeepers of Ages Past


Ages Past Bed and Breakfast is located in the Driftless Region of the United States.  It is the only location in the United States that has not been touched by Glaciers.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driftless_Area    This unglaciated area is easily seen when visiting Wildcat Mountain Observation Point in the Kickapoo Valley!   Come visit us soon!

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  1. Hello, Deb and Dan!
    We are so glad you have purchased Ages Past and are continuing the great hospitality of this wonderful B&B, as well as Back Door Cafe.
    We are interested in talking with you further about the following:
    1) We would would love to come and have breakfast at the Back Door Cafe and talk with you further about #2 and #3: is the Back Door Cafe open for breakfast for non-guests? If so, what are your hours?
    2) Our daughter, Nadia, and her finance, Danny, will be getting married September 4th. We are interested in speaking with you about the possibilities of having the rehearsal supper with you on Thursday, Sept. 3rd.
    3) Also, we may be interested in booking two rooms for two of Nadia’s attendants and their partners for Thursday, Sept. 3rd, who will be traveling from New York City and San Francisco, respectively. We’d like to talk further with you about that.
    Thanks so much!
    Naomi and John

  2. Deb and Dan
    Thank you soooo much for a lovely stay at Ages Past. We thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality. Your rooms are so beautifully decorated and inviting. All breakfasts were wonderful and the dinner for our family was superb. Please pass on our gratitude to your chef.
    The girls were still talking about staing in “the castle” and having sleep overs and Princess Lessons. I am sure you will see us again and again and again.
    Bill and I are planning a trip to Wisconsin sometime in June — not sure when. It depends on when Matthew and Ashley’s landlord returns to Cashton. We hope to talk with him about some ideas, what he gets for land rental, taxes, etc.
    In the mean time, we are curious about how to go about opening a vacation place. Is there a resource that would be helpful that tells about all the legalities?
    Although my first degree was business administration and I worked in a bank for a few years, I have not really “done” business for years. My current degrees are in education (I have a masters degree). Bill’s education is in history and religion — so that is not too helpful either. What kind of coursework would you recommend?
    Look forward to having an e-conversation with you until we are able to meet together again.
    Rebecca Pursley

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